Plasma Face lift in Mexico

The Plasma Face lift is a new groundbreaking, non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure . This revolutionary procedure can drastically reduce the appearance of aging through innovative science and technology.
Stem cells are newcomers to the world of cosmetic procedures, which is part of why the plasma Face lift is so interesting. The plasma that rejuvenates the skin is taken from your own blood, and is then put in a centrifuge where it is separated from the red blood cells. Using platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and hyaluronic acid fillers to give instant results with no bruising.

Plasma Face lift in Mexico

How do you get my blood?
The doctor, nurse or medical assistant takes your blood in the way you would normally give blood for a lab test. The blood is processed so the platelets (cells which stimulate collagen for healing) from the other main components of the blood (this is called “platelet rich plasma” or “PRP”) The platelets are processed and made into a platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) which becomes a gel.
This gel can be made using the Selphyl or regenLab product amongst others. This gel contains growth factors which activate your own stem cells to the area to create new skin. Since PRFM is like a gel, it has similarities to other fillers, and can be used to sculpt the face
Does this have anything to do with stem cells?
When the growth factors activate the stem cells of the skin, then the stem cells generate:
- New Skin
- New Blood Flow
- New Collagen
- New Tissue
You get both more volume in your skin and younger looking skin. The Plasma Face Lift procedure continues to help you look younger after the treatment is done. In fact, around the third week people comment that their friends notice that they have a younger more “glowing” complexion.
This glow comes from the creation of new blood vessels (also called neovascularization). These new blood vessels grow from the stem cells which responded to the PRFM.
It’s important to understand there is a difference in this “glow” compared to other procedures. Hyaluronic acid like Restylane and Juvederm do not cause new blood vessels to form, but the Plasma Face Lift does.


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