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lap band surgery

The Lap Band surgery is fully reversible and in most cases, the stomach returns to its original form after the reversal procedure. The gastric lap band procedure is a type of weight loss surgery that is both safer than conventional obesity surgery and less invasive. Part of the reason conventional obesity surgery is so risky is because it is so invasive. Before the operation, the surgeon must cut through layers of fat surrounding the stomach. After the operation, patients are relatively immobile, thereby increasing their risk of developing deep vein blood clots.

With the lap band procedure , the abdomen is not actually cut open, yet patients still receive the benefits of a surgery that restricts the size of the stomach. There is less pain and discomfort, and a shorter healing time and hospital stay. Also, because the operation is completely reversible--the device is simply removed--patients have options should complications arise.

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July 28, 2014

Selection Criteria

1. BMI (Body Mass Index) above 40 or between 30 to 40 in the presence of other associated diseases that may improve with weight loss (high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, and painful joint condition arthritis proven by x-ray) 

2. Age between 14 and 55 years 

3. Stable obesity for more than five years 

4. Failure of dietary or weight-loss drug therapy for more than one year 

5. Absence of glandular diseases such as hypothyroidism 

6. Comprehension of the procedure and compliance by the patient 

7. No dependency on alcohol or drugs 

8.Acceptable operative risk

Expected Weight Loss

This combined approach has tremendously decreased the risk of weight loss surgery for specific groups of patients, even when the risk of the two surgeries is added. Most patients can expect to lose 30 to 50% of their excess body weight over a 6 - 12 month period with the sleeve gastrectomy alone

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